The renal medicine department covers a population of approximately 1.2 million people, stretching from South Cheshire through to South Staffordshire. 

The inpatient ward is based at Royal Stoke University Hospital (Ward 124). 

We provide outpatient haemodialysis for patients at Royal Stoke University Hospital, Leighton Hospital (Satellite Unit run by Fresenius Health Care) and County Hospital (Satellite Unit run by UHNM). 

We have a large team of community nurses based in the kidney unit at RSUH. These teams provide ongoing care for patients receiving peritoneal dialysis, home haemodialysis, chronic kidney disease (including conservative care) and transplants. The department also provides urgent clinic assessments either for patients referred by GPs, or for our community patients who contact us who are unwell, on a daily basis. 

Patients can also be assessed as an emergency at the weekend. Our aim is to admit our inpatients directly to the renal ward.  Any GP who is concerned that a patient needs admitting under the renal team should contact us directly. We aim for GP calls to be taken directly by Consultants.  We can be contacted via 01782 679000, option 3.

All Consultants are happy to give advice and are happy to receive communication either via letter, phone or email from GP colleagues.

With regards to outpatients, we provide a number of general nephrology clinics based in RSUH, County and Leighton hospitals. We also provide specialty clinics including Hypertension, Diabetic Nephropathy, Vasculitis, Transplant, Haemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis and Low Clearance (preparation for dialysis). 

Patients being advised to book their appointment on Choose & Book should be aware that it is the same Consultant team who runs the service at County and Leighton hospitals as is based at Stoke. Whilst we aim to look after people close to home where possible, if a hospital admission is required it will be at the Royal Stoke University hospital.

The renal department has a number of strengths which are nationally or regionally recognised. We have an internationally recognised reputation for peritoneal dialysis research. Nationally we are one of the leaders in providing home dialysis, in particular supporting frail patients to have peritoneal dialysis in their own home. Regionally we are recognised for our care of transplant patients both in promoting and delivering pre-emptive transplant and in returning patients quickly post transplantation for local care.

We believe we are an approachable team and would also like to hear from GP colleagues either or about individual patients or ideas for how the service may develop for patient benefit. Please feel free to contact us.​